Vitalis Sleep Adjustable Bases and Foundations

    Omni Massage Platform Adjustable Base

    $999.00 – $1,998.00

    Product description Everything you could ask for in an adjustable base plus multiple massage options and the ability to lay flat on a platform bed frame. The Omni Massage Platform Adjustable...

    Zero Gravity Adjustable Base

    $899.00 – $1,798.00

    Product description The Zero Gravity Adjustable Base allows you to utilize a neutral body posture which gives you a sense of weightlessness. Loaded with additional features like multiple memory settings to ease into...

    Essential Adjustable Base

    $699.00 – $1,398.00

    Product description The Essential Adjustable Base is perfect if you have never used an adjustable base before and want to give it a try. A combination of functionality and simplicity that helps...

    Versatile Mattress Foundation

    $299.00 – $798.00

    Product description Universal styling that matches classic and modern room décor.  -8" height with 6" legs that can be removed -Conveniently ships in 1 box -A breeze to setup with lightweight...

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